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14. What to do in a crash

Did you cause it?

Don't do a nugde and run. If you feel that you caused an accident it is best to redress on the spot. To redress, means that you wait for the victim to recover the car and get racing again. Once they are racing you can pull in behind them. This puts you back behind your opponent, and now you can fight for the position again. 

Do not stop on the racing line to redress. Probably the most famous example of a poor redress, (in this part of the world) was from our our Scotty at Bathurst 2016.

Watch this video of the Bathurst 1000 final laps 2016.

Lets try and avoid this situation, all redressing needs to be done off the driving line



Are you the victim?

That sucks, 100%. Firstly don't try to cut the track to "gain the time back". You crashed, you lost that time - you need to accept that. It is racing and everyone is trying to win.

Even the most highly paid overrated drivers crash into parked cars. Accidents happen.

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In other forms of motorsport, you do not cut the track. Same applies in R/C car racing. Cutting the track will get you a greater penalty than the crash cost you.

Hopefully the other driver will redress the situation and you can continue. 



My car is broken and you can't finish

Hopefully the marshall will put the car to the side, and continue to marshall. Marshalls are instructed not to repair cars unless it is a quick fix. Their primary job is too right cars that are stuck. 

If the marshall has indicated that it's fatal, then stay on the drivers stand.


Please respect the other drivers currently racing by not talking, leaning in front of them. Often a driver will lean down to collect a car from a marshall and block the other genuine racers on the stand. 
Please just stay still, and watch the race.


It can be hard in the heat of battle, and the red mist is clouding your desicion making. But please don't drive head-on into cars to get back to the track. Don't abuse people, or other drivers. Any kind of abuse will not be tolerated.