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7. Practice on the track


To practice racing indoors there is a huge limitation. The venue is closed outside of racing hours. 

maximising your practice time starts days before. Make sure you check over the car, get that replacement spur gear early. Put aside some time to get all the gear, pitboxes, tools, and the transmitter ready. Charge your batteries that morning, safetly at home too please. This way you can turn up to the track ready. That is a big first tick to having a successful meeting. 


Setup the track

Once the doors open, if you could please assist in getting the track and driverstand ready. This will speed up getting the track open for practice.

Track is ready

Great, now practice will start. Remember the indoors surface will be really green, that means the driving line will be slippery and you'll get lots of carpet fibres on the car. When more and more cars drive the racing line it will clean up and grip increases.

Busy busy busy

Late in the practice session the drivers stand inevitably becomes busy and full. With high capacity batteries people can practice for longer than ever in the past and so there is a lot of congestion. If you have problems finding a space, as a new comer we will try to accomodate a spot for you on the stand - please talk to Race Control

Speaking of Race Control

Don't forget to hand over some money to Race Control to confirm your entry to the meeting.