Racing checklist for this weekend

Lets go through a checklist of all the things you need to do, so you're fully prepared for race day.

1. Pre Register online

This is an important step, for helping the orgainisers on the day. And it means you have an easy step completed. Much easier to pre register than, fumbling around trying to read Personal Transponder numbers on the day.

Pre Register today



2. Get your entry fee ready

This is another easy step. When you're walking past that ATM, or stopping in at the gas station - get your cash out now. It's easier than doing it on the morning of race day, and it means you're at the track earlier and settled in sooner.

Club Members

- First Car $12.00

- Additional Cars $8.00 each

- Juniors $8.00

Non Club Members

- First Car $15.00

- Additional Cars $10.00 each

- Juniors $10.00



3. Transmitter batteries

I'm writing this to remind myself! My display was complaining at Indoors. Now's a good time to recharge, or buy rechargables. Charging transmitter batteries on race day is never fun. That could easily put you out of practice or a race, a setback that is easily avoidable today



4. Prepare your car

Have a look over the car, check that everything looks symetrical, and working okay.

Things to check:

  • ride height, if changing from foam to rubber tyres for outdoors, your ride height might need attention (and downstops)
  • make sure your spur gear looks okay
  • check the pinion/spur mesh
  • diffs feel smooth
  • camber & toe
  • did you have a big crash last time? check if your motor/servo etc has moved

You might find something before you hit the track, this will keep you focused on the driving - rather than rushing to make changes.



5. Table & chairs

Double check your non-racing equipment. Things like table & chairs are helpful, but not ultimately nessecary. Other things might be more important though, did you rob the power board out of the r/c gear to run an extra heater in the house?



6. Location location location

As we get closer to race day, have a good look at map so you're familiar where you are going. Here is an in-depth article on where we are racing this weekend.

Outdoor track information

Other good-to-know things


We will be running scrutineering after each race. 
Make sure your car complies with the rules. 


Touring car tyres:

Since this is the first day outdoors NHRCCC has seen in a long time, we will allow foam tyres to run. The rules we will enforce in the furture will be rubber tyres only, but we will have a grace period to allow people to get new equipment.