2018 Championship Points allocation

We will have the current season standings coming soon. 
Before we have those ready for you, here is a basic overview on how the points are allocated for 2018.


Who gets points?

Only members of NHRCCC are eligble to score points in the Championship.

 If a non member places ahead of you - you will be promoted to a higher placing than you finished.

For example if this was the outcome of an A Final:

  • 1st "John" (is a Member)
  • 2nd "Jane" (is not a Member)
  • 3rd "Bob" (is a Member)

Points for this round will be:

  • John : 50 points
  • Bob : 46 points
  • Jane : 0 points


How are the points allocated?

  • Points are only allocated to Finals positions
  • Final positions are calculated based on all Finals added together
    • A Final 1st = 1st overall
    • B Final 1st = 11th overall (unless a FLEXI FINAL 8, which will become 9th overall)
    • C Final 1st = 21st overall, continuing untill all finalists are placed.

What are the points on offer?

1st place 50 points
2nd place 46 points
3rd place 43 points
4th place 40 points
5th place 37 points
6th place 34 points
7th place 32 points
8th place 30 points
9th place 28 points
10th place 22 points
11th place 21 points
12th place 20 points
13th place 19 points
14th place 18 points
15th place 17 points
16th place 16 points
17th place 15 points
18th place 14 points
19th place 13 points
20th place 12 points
21st place 11 points
22nd place 10 points
23rd place 9 points
24th place 8 points
25th place 7 points
26th place 6 points
27th place 5 points
28th place 4 points
29th place 3 points
30th place 2 points
31st place 1 point
32nd place 0 points


Placings for 32nd & lower are scored zero points.