New FLEXI FINAL 8 changes coming into effect

We have a new system for numbers in a final coming into effect from the next round. Called the FLEXI FINAL 8, A finals may have a max of 8 entries depending on the total number of class entries. 

The rules : FLEXI FINAL 8

There will be 10 car A finals, unless...

  • there are 12 cars entered into the class at the time of registration closing.
  • there are 13 cars entered into the class at the time of registration closing.
  • there are 14 cars entered into the class at the time of registration closing.
  • there are 15 cars entered into the class at the time of registration closing.

Then it becomes an 8 car maximum grid for the A Final, called FLEXI FINAL 8.

The implications :

Qualifying for the A final just got a little tougher, and more significant.

If your class is the FLEXI FINAL, then only the top 8 go through. This is very significant for the Championship points, as all A Finalists will score more points than B finalists (i.e. finishing last in the A final gets more points than first in the B final)



Exceptions :

We, as Race Control, reserve the right to change the number of cars on the grid start for the A final.

  • We would never change from a 10 grid (non-Flexi-Final) to an 8 grid before the Finals are about to start. That would disadvange 2 drivers at an opportunity to compete for A Final points
  • In some cases we will bump up drivers, and go from a FLEXI FINAL 8 to a 10~11 car grid start.
    • This can happen when drivers pull out from Finals, and the numbers have changed.
    • Doing this helps the run meeting, and trying to finish at a resonable hour (indoors)
    • No drivers are disadvantaged, only the bump-up drivers are advantaged and it will be a full grid as normal.

We will know at the end of Registration how many cars are entered for each class. We will try to notify those classes by either writing on the grid listings "FLEXI FINAL 8", and maybe at the drivers briefing.
So everyone will be aware at the start of racing what the terms of qualifying are.


The benefits :

We believe this will have many benefits, to help the quality of driving, marshalling, race control stress levels, and probably more things. And without making the race night longer, the same amount of finals will still take place. 

One of the big issues at Race Control, is the marshalling problem. We get a B final of 2 or 3 cars, and then they have to marshal a full grid of 10 cars. Thank you to the volunteer marshals that have filled in the gaps, hopefully we won't need to rely on you as much. 

Here is the full list of benefits:

  • A Finals will have better marshalling coverage
  • Qualifying for the FLEXI FINAL 8 becomes more intense and rewarding to achieve.
  • B FInal races are now more significant, with more drivers and a higher quality field, it will help lift the performance of those running near the back, and give them the chance at racing against some A Final heroes.
  • A Final : lap 1, turn 1 congestion is eased a bit. With a bit more breathing space, we can have some respectable close racing over 5 minutes rather than first corner Postman Pat sending it.
  • We stop 10 A finalists going out to marshal a B Final of only a few cars.



FLEXI FINAL 8 should be a registered trademark, because it's a great idea.