Difficult night, lack of support, poor driving

Unfortunately, our excitment for the outdoors meeting has been subdued by a poor Indoors meeting.

We had Max running the event (literally one-handed), and had very little support.  Max wasn't racing, and was there providing full race administration on his own time. Unfortunately there were multiple calls for volunteer marshalls that went unheard. 


Message from Max

"Last night wasn’t the best indoor racing night. I was on the microphone, asking for marshals but no one listened.

Everyone needs to help out when needed. NOT to rely on the same people every time.

Also the racing standards were terrible, as the same people were taking out the track and did not fix it back up.

The marshals will be called by the computer, and if you are not out there I'll call once, and the race will NOT start until we have ALL the marshals out.

The racing standards there will be a stop go penalty for anyone that takes the track out or other drivers."





  • Race control is run by volunteers that put in their own time for free. Without a little extra help from everyone we wouldn't have a club.
  • Race control shouldn't have to be a baby sitter and chase up drivers to marshal.
  • If you are back-to-back racing, notify race-control of your replacement marshal.
  • After your race, do not leave the race arena. Place your car and transmitter in parc-ferme, and out to marshal.
  • Don't look at your cell phone or the tv while marshalling.

Thanks to the good guys

Who help each week to, repair the track, volunteer marshal, setup and pack down. Without you the committee could not manage the frequency of races.