Changes to initial announcement of a 'New Class'

Apologies everyone. The article released yesterday was not approved by the Committee. This is the only the first step to creating a new class. There was a communication break down surrounding some of the details. Please read this article as there are some important changes outlined.

The Xpress Challenge class will be run with All Comers

We will not be running the Xpress 'mini' class as a seperate class for 2019. It will be run with All Comers, with a look to confirm solid rules and specs for 2020. 

There are still some details, and rules that need to be finalised before we will release any further information.

While there is still potential for it to become a stand-alone class in 2019, it would need to be very strongly patronised for a few meetings in a row early in the year before it would be considered by the Committee.

Apologies to those that may have been adversly affected by the announcement. We have made steps to fix these issues in the future.