Structured Practice Session before racing

We haven't been so great at communicating practice session changes recently. We've been trying to allow those people who arrive when the doors open to help setup the track to have a private session. Unfortunately it caused a great deal of confusion, and it didn't really work out. While we are still trying to innovate and create new ways to reward those same people that always help and give to the community, this way wasn't quite right.

We have a new system coming, it is still in it's testing phase currently.

We will use the timing screen to show a countdown for the next session. Hopefully this will be clear what the current session is and what is coming down the line.

  • Times might differ based on class size

This should give everyone a fair chance at getting some laps in while managing a large group of people.

We would appreciate your co-operation

  • No practice until you have paid registration
  • Registration maybe be staggered to those that pre-register... so if you don't pre-reg, you may miss out on practice. No apologies.

Demonstration of the new system*


*still in development

Credits go to Matthew van der Haas for proposal and development