Race day entries after Rain Affected meeting

If you paid and entered for the rain affected outdoors meeting on June 24th, please read here about payment for the next outdoor meeting.


$10 Flat rate* (conditions apply)

We are charging a $10 flat rate for the outdoors meeting this Sunday for those that entered the rain affected meeting. Here are the conditions:

  • If you entered 1 car last time: your entry fee this race will be $10 if you enter 1 class.

  • If you entered 2 cars last time: your entry fee this race will be $10 if you enter 2 classes.

  • If you entered 3 cars last time: your entry fee this race will be $10 if you enter 3 classes.

  • If you wish to race less classes than previously: your race fee will be $10.

  • If you wish to race more classes than previously: your race fee will be $10 + the standard rates for additional classes.

  • If you did not have a paid entry for the June 24 meeting, standard rates apply.

We have closed registration at this stage, and carried it over from the last meeting. If you want to make changes, at this stage - we'll be doing that on the day.

This offer applies one time only to the Sunday, 15th of July outdoors meeting. We did get some racing in, and this is the best compromise between paying the bills and keeping our great club members happy.

I apologise for the late response to this, there were a few people with questions on Saturday at Indoors - and we needed to make sure the offer was clear, and simple to understand.

The New location

While the weather wasn't ideal, I think we can all agree that the new venue is ideal. There are some things in this list that the old Harbour track didn't have. It might be too soon - but that wind in your face on the old circuit is something that I don't miss.

  • The surface produced great consistent grip, even after being washed and still drying
  • 240 volt supply
  • On site toliets
  • Cafe & lunch bar (this should be at the top)
  • Undercover pits, shade will be valuble in summer time.
  • Indoors pit area
  • Large race area
  • Public venue to help promote the club
  • Quick drying times compared to the old club track 

We look forward to seeing you there on Sunday