Tamiya GT 2019 initial rules release

Today we are releasing the initial class rules for the Tamiya GT class. After watching and observing the Tamiya GT cars over the 2018 season with a look to the 2019 rules, I think we have a solid set of rules laid down. I haven't changed too much, but just making sure that extra costs are not part of this class. 

Main overview of changes:

  • No shorty pack batteries
  • Must have headlight, tail light and grille stickers
  • Removed the rule allowing older Tamiya chassis (TT01, TB01, TL01)
  • Motor fans are no longer allowed
  • If entries do not meet the rules, we will allow them to drive in the class under the 'PRO-AM' driver division.

Join in on the action, Tamiya GT 2019

Lets get a big field of Tamiya GT cars, rather than diluted racing over 9 different classes.

  • NEW race formats mixed up throughout the year
  • NEW Championship points system
  • NEW Penalty system
  • attract new drivers with an entry class
  • retain top drivers
  • controlled costs, handback tyres
  • premiere content on the website
  • choose your race number

First round of Rules

Some parts of the rules have not been released yet, they include

  • Championship points
  • Penalty system
  • Race formats


You can find the latest rules in the download section.




by Michael vdH