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Tamiya GT 2019 annoucement

This is the initial overview of the Tamiya GT 2019 season. We'll introduce a new division to the racing which will allow us to accept new-comers to the grid. Same rules as 2018 for PRO drivers, and a little flexibility for the PRO-AM drivers. We will be changing the meeting format, so each week will be different from the last. Including Enduro rounds. Please have a look through the PDF, and we have a form you can fill out. 

The Overview

Please have a read of the inital concept. And let us know in the form below if you are interested. This will help us for ordering the tyres. Thank you.


Results from the expression of interest form

Interested in:          
Pro Driver 6
Pro-Am Driver 4
Rookie Driver 0
Unsure 7
Not interested 1


Thank you to everyone that responded :)