Minimum weight limit changes for Touring Classes

Effective today, we will introduce 2 new weight limits for Touring Car classes. 

We will have different minimum weights for rubber tyre & foam tyre racing.

We will follow the NZRCA rules for Touring Car minimum weight to be applied to our outdoor racing (1350g). 

When racing indoors we will lower the weight my 40 grams to offset the lighter foam tyres (1310g).





Does this affect me?

Classes affected :

  • Touring Stock 21.5T

  • Touring Stock 13.5T

  • Open Modified



What are the new rules

Outdoors : 1350 grams

Indoors : 1310 grams

Why have we done this?

It means touring car drivers don't have to make significant changes to their cars when changing venues.

We have weighed some sets of rubber tyres, and weighed some sets of foam tyres. And we believe this 40 gram difference is the best value, while helping all have a great nights racing, then a great days racing in the same month. 

See you at the scales soon.