New 2020 calendar coming soon

Who is the rain master?

2019 has been a disrupted year for outdoors racing. There have been race days cancelled due to the rain. It's really disrupting to everyone. When a race day is cancelled it disrupts the calendar, as we need to plan for a rain day. If a day doesn't get cancelled right away, it affects everyone that turns up, and then packs everything away (potentially without doing a lap). It's not great, it hurts attendance with so much disruption. Is the weather going to change for us? Hmm, probably not. Can we change for the weather? Probably yes.


Rain master championship

What we're thinking for 2020...

  • If it's raining/drizzling/wet we have a wet race.
  • It's going to focus on the FUN side of racing
  • No marshals. No one wants to marshall in the rain - but if you really want to, go for it.
  • Instead of marshalls, if you crash - just yell out for a yellow flag. Everyone stops where they are, and the driver can walk to flip their car over. (No running - it will be slippery, wait for the driver to get back, and we go green again)
  • Long races to help dry the track.
  • We'll have it as a championship event - it's not limited to just winter (we had a 2019 January date rained out for example). Points awarded.
  • We'll keep it limited to a motor spec (maybe like a brushed silver can - but yet to be decided)
  • No real limits on a chassis type (run-what-you-brung), but must be an on-road car (no buggies, nothing bigger than 1/10th scale) 
  • We might have a 30 minute break between races to charge batteries, and talk up your ability to channel Ayrton Senna. 
  • How many drivers can we fit on the stand at Northcote?
  • We might scrap rain-dates, and keep the calendar more consistent for everyone.
  • There might be the odd weather event that will cause us to cancel a meeting.


This should be great for rain-affected days, as the rain cars will help dry the track out while we wait for the sun to dry things up. Then we can carry on with a normal race meeting.

How will it work?

We're yet to flesh out all the details, this is just a heads up that you might want a waterproof ESC from Santa this year.

We'll probably have 2 registrations, a Rain Master registration, and the normal On-road registration. At the start of race day - if we declare a wet track, then we'll take payments for the Rain Master racing only. If later that day it clears up, we'll then open up registration for the regular race day. 

What will I need?

Do some research on getting ready for wet conditions. Getting an Electronic Speed Controller that is specifically made to be waterproof is a good start.

A hat to keep the drizzle off your face, a raincoat/windbreaker, maybe gloves for winter?

Maybe little umbrella from your transmitter, we'll let you be creative to keep the rain off.

Remember the aim is to have fun, so we don't want to see expense transmitters or other electronics out in the rain.

What do you think? Sounds fun right.

Further details to be discussed at the AGM

If you have some ideas that you wish to promote or change for the Rain Championship, please raise them at our AGM. 
Details about the 2019 AGM