Tamiya GT front CVD's allowed for PRO-AM drivers

We have a very exciting announcement coming. On the 10th of August, we will be hosting a special racing round for Tamiya GT. This will include some sprints and enduro racing. With the new format of racing, we will allow all PRO-AM drivers to race with front CVD driveshafts. 

Why PRO-AM only?

It's been a great time for Tamiya GT in 2019, we have a lot of new drivers - and some experienced ones coming back. We have noticed that it's the new drivers that suffer the most from popping a front driveshaft. We would rather have new drivers run the CVD's and enjoy a full evening of racing. 

With an enduro meeting coming up, why not enjoy a full 10 or 15 minute race, rather than sitting on the sidelines, or trying to race an ill-handling car. We'll also be having bump ups, so there is potential for a lot of driving coming up. It's just under 1 month away - so we're trying to give everyone a lot of warning to get prepared. More details about the format will follow.

But I'm a PRO - can I use them?

Pro drivers can also run front CVD's but they must declare this at entry - and understand they will only score PRO-AM points.