Calendar 2019

We have been working on a race calendar for 2019. We are always subject to availability of course, but the Club Secretary has done a good job to avoid clashes with big events where possible (like Bathurst). 

Previous seasons would alternate events between Onroad drivers & Offroad drivers. While we mostly ran Onroad at each meeting last year, this will be the first time in a while where we will have about 20 Onroad meetings. This brings me nicely to today's reveal,

While we wait to confirm with our venues, we can confirm some details about the Championship.



2 Championships for 2019

The Outdoors & Indoors Championships will be run independantly from each other.


This will help those that cannot make a specific race day, maybe working on a Sunday etc. Also if you want to race both Indoors and Outdoors, you may want to race different cars at each venue.