9th kit added to approved PRO body shells

For Mustang GT4

The rules have been updated to include a new car for 2020.

Alongside Mercedes, Subaru, Honda, Toyota & Nissan we introduce the first American brand, the Ford Mustang GT4.

You can race the Mustang in Tamiya GT as PRO-AM in 2019. 

Why not allow it now? 

  • We want to keep the rules static during the season.

  • We want to reduce costs to drivers. So if you're a PRO, keep using your current body, squeak 3 more races out of it before you retire it. (We've made lots of cost-cutting measures this year - such as hand-back spec tyres.)

We'll try and give everyone lots of warning about upcoming changes to a spec class so that you can prepare ahead of time. 

Please head over to the rules section to get the latest rules, no other rule changes.