New 2020 calendar coming soon

Prize Giving & Enduro

Dec 15

Save the date : Sunday December 15 @ Northcote.

We'll have a fun & unique enduro race, prize giving & hot dogs.

Free Entry 

Preregister to buy a gourmet hot dog $6 each.


We will offer gourmet hotdogs for lunch. $6 each, but these will need an RSVP so we can order the right amount. More details on that to come closer to the day.

The Enduro

  • 3 ROUNDS of 15 mins. Each driver will race once per round (so basically 6 x 15min races in total)
  • Teams of 2
  • One person races, one person marshalls
  • Any 1/10th electic on-road car with rubber tyres, min weight will apply
  • There will be a minimum lap time, go under that time your lap is not counted. Just like DYO drag racing. The lap time will be based on a Tamiya GT lap, this means lots of different types of cars can race at the same time.
  • No pitstops
  • At the end of each round, driver 1 & driver 2 times are combined for a total team time. Then, teams are re-seeded based on combined results. Top drivers are paired with the lowest driver.
  • Have fun

    More details to come