Tamiya GT 1200 Enduro

Coming soon - 7th September 2019

We had a very successful Tamiya GT 420. It was great to see the cars doing pitstops, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. The racing was super close, less than 1 second between first & second with Michael overtaking Dan on the last lap. Qualifying was super close also, with the top 10 separated by only 16 seconds.

 Now we turn the volume to 11. 

The format

Only 2 Rounds of racing

  • 1x Qualifying 4mins
  • D final 10 mins - x2 bump ups
  • C final 10 mins - x2 bump ups - 1x Compulsory Pitstop (15min if a D final)
  • B final 15 mins - x2 bump ups - 1x Compulsory Pitstop
  • A final 20 mins - 2x Compulsory Pitstop

Tamiya GT finals will start at the beginning of Round 2.

This is so out-of-town-drivers can get a head start driving home.

We want to encourage as many new & non-regular drivers to the event as possible.


At the very minimum, drivers will get the same amount of race time as a normal meeting. This is why the minimum final time is 10 minutes. Hopefully, you'll get the enduro bug.


Will this be a really long night?


We've done the maths. 

Here are the TOTAL minutes of racing of the class

Entries Standard Format Enduro
1~10 entries 15 minutes 24 minutes
11~20 entries 30 minutes 43 minutes
21~30 entries 45 minutes 57 minutes
31~40 entries 60 minutes 72 minutes


21~30 entries adds only 12 minutes to the race night

That doesn't take into account the downtime between races - so it might potentially be less.

We are starting an hour earlier

Even if we had an unprecedented 31+ entries (which would be amazing), this format only adds an extra 16 minutes over and above the standard meeting. Of course, it would be a little longer simply because of the numbers.

On a normal race meeting we have an "A" & "B" final... which is 30 minutes of racing.

If we have a "D" final, at 72 minutes, which is 32 minutes than longer, we still save 28 minutes by starting an hour earlier.

Dinner Break

If you are NOT racing Tamiya GT, you can use the opportunity to go get dinner while we race the Finals.

"A" final drivers will marshal the lowest final - so we'll advise on the night the length of time that is safe to get dinner. For Tamiya GT drivers that are running other classes, please be prepared with dinner - as we won't stop for a break.


Other Classes

All other classes will run as normal with 3 rounds.