Tamiya GT race format concept

Here are some details about the biggest changes in 2019.
Get the overview of the race formats that we will race in Tamiya GT.

Disclaimer stuff

This is still in the conceptual stage, as we are dependant on some things, such as the software that handles everything. Plus things like, how much battery power do we need to race for 20mins outdoors?

These apply to Tamiya GT only, other classes will continue to race the same format as 2018.

This is subject to confirmation with the Committee. 

Bump Up round

  • x3 races
  • 5 minutes each race
  • 1st round heat allocation is random
  • Bump up's after each round

Reverse round

  • x3 races
  • 5 minutes each race
  • 1st round heat & grid allocation is seeded from Championship Points
  • 2nd round is:
    • same heat allocation
    • reverse direction
    • reverse grid
  • 3rd round heat & grid allocated from round 1 & 2 combined results

Staged Solo Enduro

  • x4 races
  • 7 minutes each race (no practice, no warmup laps)
  • 1 Compulsary pit stop each race
  • All rounds have random grid & random heat allocation

Solo Enduro

  • 1x Shootout, 2 laps 
  • 2x 4min qualifiers
  • 1x 20 minute final
  • 2 Compulsary Pit Stops for the final

Indoors racing is time limited, so we may only host a single 4 minute qualifying race.




With 10 Championship rounds anticipated, the season might look like this

If we shuffle the order a bit between Indoors & Outdoors it keeps things a little more interesting for those racing both seasons. We start out with some bump up rounds so that we can settle into a seeded event down the track.

  1. Bump Up
  2. Bump Up
  3. Staged Enduro
  4. Reverse 
  5. Bump Up
  6. Reverse
  7. Solo Enduro
  8. Bump Up
  9. Staged Enduro
  10. Reverse

Championship Points

One big change from previous seasons is the way points are handed out. Other than the enduro rounds, points will be handed out for each race; not just a final. Points across the races might not always be the same. For example, at a Bump Up meeting:

  • Round 1 winners get 25 points
  • Round 2 winners get 50 points
  • Round 3 winners get 75 points

Importantly all rounds are worth the same points value, a maximum of 150 points. This will mean there is no favouritism towards drop rounds, or if drivers are unable to attend a certain round there is no punishment. More on points scoring in an upcoming news item.

Bump ups, huh?

Bump-up is racing format that is not specific to r/c racing, & more common in nitro r/c racing. What happens in a general is that all drivers would do their qualifying, and are then seeded for the Finals. Top 8 qualifiers would go directly to the A final from qualifying. Say there is an A, B, & C final, the C final would run first. The top 2 finishers would bump up into the B final. Same would happen for the B final, and the top 2 finishes take the last 2 available places in the A final. So it gives some meaning and value to C & B finals, instead of drivers packing up and going home, they are still in for a shot at the A final & victory! Not to mention lots of track time.

This works really well for nitro r/c, because their energy source is recharged in a few seconds with a fuel tank. So cars can race 2 or 3 races back-to-back, but we dont really have that opportunity. We can still do something similar. 

Bump Up Round: what we will do

3 races is called races, because they are grid starts and still earn points; but because the first race is not seeded it's really a qualifying round. The top 10 place getters from the first round of racing move onto the faux "A" for Round 2. If there are 2 splits, then the top 5 place getters going into the Round 2 'A' group. If there is 3 splits, then the top 3 place getters to into the Round 2 'A', and the 10th place is filled by the person with the fastest result from all splits. 

Round 2 :
Now we have some seeding, we start the actual bump up. Top 2 place getters from the B move to the A for next round, and vice versa - the bottom 2 drivers from the A, move down to the B (this happens for all Round 2 finals).  Now - we might play around with this concept a bit. If we feel that the battery life is good enough for another race, then we might make it possible for a B finalist to race the third round in the B final and still bump up to the A final (eg..if you run a large capacity battry, or have a spare). We are able to fine tune it as we go.

Let's have a great time racing at some great events in 2019.

Be part of the action, sign up here: https://www.nhrccc.org.nz/news-and-announcements/2019/tt02-registration


p.s: For the Solo Enduro event, Tamiya GT drivers will marshall all Tamiya GT finals due to the longer race. Much the same as when NHRCCC raced electric & nitro together, the nitro drivers marshalled thier own finals.