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Tamiya GT Rules updated

Biggest update is to clarify some of the confusion surrounding PRO-AM. Guidelines have been added, with the allowance of TT-01 chassis. Some other updates to the rules include removing the Controlled Motor section.

Summary of changes:

  • REMOVED : paint scheme note about being authentic, not a tangible rule.
  • REMOVED: the control motor notes. With 2 championships running concurrently, it might be a disadvantage for those racing both championships, and difficult to manage. Possibly something we’ll look into in the future.
  • UPDATED : reserving a race number, just updated the wording.
  • UPDATED : Allowed Hop-up parts was missing the 25 tooth pinion, added now.
  • NEW : ESC plug to the battery may be modified, not the motor.
  • NEW : Added a new guidelines about what is acceptable for PRO-AM.

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You can find the new rules in the downloads section, along with the archived version.

Here is the direct link:

TAMIYA GT RULES 2019 v19.1