Tamiya GT 2019

This is your opportunity to reserve your race number & choose your tyres.

Tyre reservation is for all Tamiya GT entries, not just PRO drivers. You may choose Indoors / Outdoors / Both depending on your situation

Reminder, those that register for PRO will not be handed a set of tyres until the first Championship round of racing (and you have to give them back at the end of the day). PRO-AM Drivers, tyres could possibly be available from as early as the Live Loop Test Day

Cost of tyres will be announced soon. We are working on finalising details.

Driver name:Race Number
Aiden Gregory  2  
James Corrigan  04  
Darryl Maslin  05  
Hugo Noton  06  
Damon Slavich  07  
Cameron Benbrook  11  
Darryn Nagle  12  
Rebecca Marris  17  
Darren mckenna  19  
Dan Bone  23  
Evan Williams  024  
Martin Irawan  27  
mike wilson  27  
Baz Nicholson  40  
Lachlan Nagle  56  
Stuart Grant  63  
Chris Cordes  88  
Michael van der Haas  112  
Matthew van der Haas  358  
Eric Ouano  555  
Jordan Foo  729  
Alex Cordes  888  

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The email address submitted will be used in the future. We will (in the future, not today) email all Tamiya GT drivers with a code. This code will give you access to setup your driver profile, and complete the PRO licence registration if applicable.

We will not sell your name/email address from this form. We respect your privacy, and your information is held securely.