New 2020 calendar coming soon

Hello 2020

We've already kicked off 2020 with our first Outdoor race of the season, and we're about to get started with the Indoors Championship. There are some small changes we're making, in the quest for improvement to how we enjoy the sport.

Tamiya GT 2020

- No more hand-back tyres. The Carpet Dragons proved to last more than a season. You may continue to use your tyres from last year. We'll still be running the Spec Carpet Dragon tyres which are available from Speedi Models.

- CVD driveshafts are allowed. Due to the more unforgiving nature of our track boards, we will allow CVD's all-round. We found that the top drivers never really popped dog-bones, but it punished the lesser experienced drivers more. So we think this change will help improve the experience for beginners. Not required - some of the top drivers will continue with dog bones.

- PRO & PRO-AM is not dropped. All drivers are now subject to a more relaxed body shell requirement (the same as PRO-AM), as long as it's a Tamiya & no racing wings - you're all good.

- POINTS SCORING will follow the format of the other classes for 2020. This is mostly done to reduce logistics around entering points.

Enduro Rounds

We have taken the best parts of Tamiya GT, and applied it to all of our Championship classes... Enduro Rounds

Each Indoors round we'll rotate through a Class to host an Enduro round. They will add 2 minutes onto the usual race length. Standard Championship point scoring applies. No special Marshalling, or qualifying rules - the round will continue as a normal meeting otherwise.
Starting with Tamiya GT for Round 1.

ROUND 1: Tamiya GT - 7 minutes
ROUND 2: 21.5T - 7 minutes
ROUND 3: 13.5T - 7 minutes
ROUND 4: Pro12 - 10 minutes
ROUND 5: Formula 1 - 7 minutes
ROUND 6: Tamiya GT - 7 minutes
ROUND 7: 21.5T - 7 minutes
ROUND 8: 13.5T - 7 minutes
ROUND 9: Pro12 - 10 minutes
ROUND 10: Formula 1 - 7 minutes

So make sure you promote your class that you're passionate about.