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NHRCCC 2022 Club Class Rules


The class rules are outlined below:

1. Chassis, Only Tamiya TT02 Chassis to be used, No Drift Spec or S Versions allowed.
2. Motor, only kit motors can be used (TAM54358 Torque Tuned), Competitors are to supply their own motors. No Modifications are allowed to the plugs on the motor.
3. ESC TBLE-02S or TBLE-04S can be used. No modifications to Motor plus or switches, Battery plug can be changed to terminal / bullet style connectors.
4. Gearing, Tamiya 70T spur with a Maximum of 25 Pinion (no high-speed gear sets)
5. Body Shells, any commercially available 1/10 narrow Scale GT Style body shell can be used. No Touring Car Body Shells can be used.
6. Wings, only wings that come with the body shell set maybe used.
7. Batteries, only 7.4V Standard size Lipo packs maybe used, no shorties or LCG packs are allowed.
8. Wheels and Tyres, Rims must be of Spoke design, Tyres can be spec as per  NZRCA rule A17

9.  Minimum Weight 1350 grams (Race Ready, Including Battery and Transponder)

Optional Parts ·
Bearings (standard only, no ceramic etc)
50-55MM Alloy Oil filled shocks (Springs are optional)
Alloy Motor Mount (Tamiya or Aftermarket)
Alloy Wheels Hex 5MM (Tamiya or Aftermarket)
Alloy Centre Drive Shaft (Tamiya or Aftermarket)
Tamiya Hi Torque Servo Saver.
Front UJ (Single Joint Only) (Tamiya or Aftermarket)
Alloy Steering (No Adjustable Turn Buckles (Tamiya or Aftermarket)

Any hop-ups available that are not on the above list are NOT allowed.

If you are unsure on anything, please either contact the club or see the Race Director on the day.






Class Rules and Specs are set out below….

1.     Chassis – As Per NZRCA Rule A11 With the exception the Kit must a be a commercially available FWD Touring Car Kit or Conversion Chassis.

2.  Dimensions – As Per NZRCA Rule A18 with the exception to minimum weight of 1250 Grams Ready to run (Body Shell, Transponder, Battery)

3.  Body Shell – As Per NZRCA Rule A12 & A13 with the exception that only Commercially Available FWD or Internationally approved FWD Bodies must be used. Wings that are included with the shell must be used.

4.  Motor – Roar Approved 21.5T Brushless Motor or NZRCA 21.5 Control Motor.

5.  ESC – As Per NZRCA Rule A7.4

6.  Tyres and Wheels -Tyres are open to brand but must be a 24 mm wide slick tyre with a shore of 24 or more, On a Spoked Rim, No dish rims to be used. Inserts are open also. Unless the class is running a control tyre event as per NZRCA rule A17

If you have any questions or are unsure about anything relating to racing in this class, then please contact the club or see the Race Director on race day.






CHASSIS – Tamiya TT01E series chassis only. Assembled as per instruction manual. No chassis / power train allowed. Limited hop ups as outlind below


1 – Motor 540 Mabuchi or Johnson RS540s or Kyosho G27 Silver Can Motors. Motors cannot be modified or tampered with in anyway.

2- ESC Kit ESC(TBLR-02S) to be used. Battery plug can be changed, but motor connectors must remain.

3- Body Shell, Original Tamiya shells or Suitable Aftermarket Shells are permissible. No Aero additions are allowed. The Body shell must be a representation of a truck.

4- Tyres, Only #51589 maybe use. Kit Truck Rims to be used. Foam Inserts are not allowed, Gluing is recommended.

5- Options




53673 toe in rear up right

High torque servo saver ( tamiya OR aftermarket)

Harden alloy 19t PINION

6- gearing  61t KIT spur 19t PINION

7- batteries, any COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE 2S lipos CAN BE USED. No shorty packs OR lcg PACKS ALLOWED.

 Any hop-ups available that are not on the above list are NOT allowed.

If you are unsure on anything, please either contact the club or see the Race Director on the day.




The Tamiya Classic M Chassis class is a class designed for the older M Chassis available, the class is designed around scale appearance and fun over an outright racing class..

The class rules are outlined below:

1 Any Tamiya M03/M04/M05/M06 chassis car apart from the below exceptions may be used.

2 Only standard kits are to be used, No Pro or R Version are legal

3 Cars must be assembled as per instruction manual, and no chassis/power train

modifications allowed.

4 A minimum weight limit of 1230g (with transponder) will apply.

5 No Hop-Ups allowed, apart from the following:

a. Standard ball bearing kit (no ceramic bearings),

b. Tamiya M03/M05 sway bar kit,

c. Tamiya High Torque Servo Saver and

d. M Chassis reinforced gear set Tamiya part number 54277

e. Differentials maybe replaced with sealed gear diffs or balls diffs from any manufacturer

6 Oil Filled shocks maybe used to replace the kit shocks, Yeah Racing DBB-2050 or TAM 54753

7 No chassis lightening allowed.

8 Any “Classic “style shell can be used, FWD Chassis must Run FWD Body Shells, RWD Chassis must Run RWD Shells, No GT or “Touring Car “shells can be used.

9 Tyres - TBA

10 Drilling extra vent holes in the wheels is illegal.

11 Batteries- Only Hard Case Lipo designed to fit the M Chassis Can be used (Being of rounded edge “stick “design)

12 Motors - Mabuchi RS540 standard motor, Johnson RS540 motor or Kyosho G27 Motors can be used.

 A stock motor run at 8 volts unloaded must draw no more than 1.7 amps.

13 Only 16, 18, 20 tooth pinions to be used.

14 Any brand of motor heat sink is permitted as long as they attach to the motor in such a manner as to not be considered a structural component of the car.

15 Only the speed controller supplied in the kit (model TEU-101BK - P/N 45029, TEU-104BK – P/N 45041, TEU-105BK – P/N 45055, TBLE-02S – P/N 45057), are permitted. The battery plug may be changed, however no other component/s relating to the speed controller maybe altered.

16 The ride height of all cars will be minimum 7mm.This will be measured by rolling the car over a NZRCA Approved Gauge after the scrutineer has compressed the car’s suspension. Pre Load Spring Clips only can be used to achieve this.

Any hop-ups available that are not on the above list are NOT allowed.

If you are unsure on anything, please either contact the club or see the Race Director on the day.