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2022 Mainland RC | OneSeven RC EP Onroad National Championship.

Hello Racers,

For 2022 NHRCCC is hosting the NZRCA EP on road national champs.


We have opted to utilise heads up points (Round Robin) racing rather than the traditional 3-5 rounds of qualifying, and three rounds of finals.

Depending on entries we will have a maximum of 8 rounds of racing for the 6 classes.

How this will look like an example.

40 Entries for "A" class. That is split into 4 heats of 10.

Driver A In round 1 starts heat 1 from P1, but in round 2 Driver A could start P10 heat 4

Each round the drivers should be racing someone different at least once (if there are more than 3 heats per class).

The winner is determined by points. Points per heat are 

1 point 1st place

2-point 2nd place

3-point 3rd place

4 points for 4th place etc

 Results are determined by combining the points from a driver's best 6 out of 8 rounds. In the event of a tie, the most wins in highest position will be used for tie breaks.

Heats and Grids.

A maximum of 10 cars per heat.

Grids will be side by side rows measuring 1.5 meters from the front of the proceeding car to the front of following cars grid position.

All classes will run 5 minutes plus the time to complete final lap heats.

All Heats and classes will be grid start with lap 1 counting as a lap.

  Control Tyres.

This is a control tyre event. Competitors first set is included with the cost of the class entry.

NHRCCC has selected Rush to be the control tyre supplier for this event.

Tyre spec and class quantities are as follows.

Tamiya GT & FWD,

RU-0866 VR3 24X SEVEN SPOKE WHEEL, 1 set for the entire meeting.

21.5 Touring,

RU-0860 VR3 24X DISH RIM, 1 set for the entire meeting.

13.5 Touring,

RU-0861 VR3 28X DISH RIM, 2 sets for the entire meeting.

Mod Touring,

RU-0862 VR3 32X DISH RIM, 2 sets for the entire meeting.

 Classes allowed to use 2 sets, additional sets will be available for payment and collection once the event has started.

Tyres are allocated to each drivers race number for the weekend and are marked for easy identification by scrutineering.

Tyres must be handed back at the end of each day’s racing.

During practice drivers a free to use what evert brand of tyre they choose.

(it is the competitors responsibility to ensure the tyre bead is glued. If a wheel is damaged, due to accident, a replacement wheel shall be made available for purchase for a cost of $10.00 per wheel.)

 Formula1 is exempt from control tyres for this event.



NHRCCC will follow the Governments requirements for the different Traffic Lights, to allow this event to run.

This may include.

QR Code Scanning.

Face Masks.

Hand Sanitizer.

Social Distancing.

Vaccination Passports.


We look forward to you racing over this weekend.

Please follw the link below to enter!!!


2022 EP On Road Nationals