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We are back Racing

Hello Racers,


We are back racing on the 19th of December, follow the nzrca link bellow to book your track time in.


As New Zealand has moved to the traffic light system for Covid, some realy important things you need to know.

Entry is by online only, no on the day entries. 

Payment is online only. Please make your online payment by 5pm Thursday the 16th December.


Westlakes Girls High School requires the following requirments for us to use the facilities.

QR Code Scan in.

Face Masks. 

Social Distancing.

Vaccine Passport.


Now on to the good stuff,

We will be trailing our new race day format for 2022,


Race 1 Seeded from 2021 final points tally per class..
Race 2 & 3 Overall finishing position from the previous race.
Points awareded to the overall finishing position of that class.

Race Duration,

All Touring Car Classes and Formula1 will have 3 x 5minute + final Lap race duration

Tamiya GT will have 3 x 14 Lap Races (This could be lengthened if a track design has a short lap time)

SOT will have 3 x 5 Lap Races (Same applies if a track design has a short lap time)

AllComers 3 x 10 Lap Races

All races will be single file grid position standing starts, and the first lap across the loop will count.





See you track side!!!!