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10 Days until 2022 Mainland RC | One7 RC EP On Road Nationals

The excitement continues to build for the 2022 edition of the NZRCA Electric On Road National Championship.

With the fast and furious elbows up round robin racing, will surely excite not only the drivers on the stand, but also those who can come and watch track side, or at a latter date on YouTube through Bad Time Racing Sport.

With the six classes on offer, the racing promises to be action from the very first race, until the final race Sunday afternoon. With each of the classes broken up into smaller battle packs, each driver should race each of their competitors more than once over the course of 8 rounds. The random grid and heat draws will keep each driver on their toes over the weekend.

“We are very proud that the NZRCA voted for NHRCCC to hold the championship in the top half of the north Island for the first time in seven years” says Race Director Darryl Maslin.

“This is the first time this format has been tried at a national event since the rules allowed us to” he continues.

“NHRCCC has always prided itself on innovation and top-quality events over the years, and with our fantastic Committee I believe we will be showcasing this again this year after a long hiatus” says Darryl.


Practice starts Friday the 21st January at 1230pm, and race one of the championship kicks off 8am Saturday the 22nd.

There are 8 days to get your entries in.