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Club Classic

With Four rounds of racing to run for 2022 NHRCCC race season, the pressure is building for the front running drivers,

Check the points talley on this site, and you can see its tight at the top of all our points scoring classes.


Then to throw into the mix we have the Tony Stephens Memorial Club Classic.


NHRCCC has held a long history of running the Club Classic when we had our out track at North Harbour Events Centre, giving our club racers a chance to run in a different format from club racing. And 2022 is no different. with tripple points and this event is counted seperately to the club championship, and a bad result could shake up the pointscore.


We attempted to run this event last year after the loss of one of our club presidents Tony Stephens, but covid lock downs stopped that.  Now thankfully that seems to be behind us and we can get this event underway.


Event Information

Triple Points are on offer for this meeting for NHRCCC Club Members, Other NZRCA licensed members are eligible for the outright title in each class offered.

Those racing for NHRCCC club championship, this event counts towards your final points tally, and is not eligible as a dropped round for points. (Dropped rounds will be calculated after Round 8, Club Classic points will be tallied and applied to the final points at the end of the race season)

Race Format - Touring Cars 

4 x 5 minutes plus the last lap of heads-up racing.

Race 1 - Seeded from current points position in club championship (Post 2 worst dropped rounds applied)

Race 2, 3 & 4 Seeded from previous race's finishing  class race results Laps / Time. (Progressive grids)

Race Format F1 - Tamiya GT

Round 1 –  10 Laps seeded from current championship points position with  2 dropped rounds included.

Round 2 –  10 Laps Start  in overall finishing order.

Round 3 -  20 Lap Full reverse grid.

Round 4 – Formula 1 40 Lap Feature , Tamiya GT 30 Lap Feature,  starting by finishing order of round 3 (These two races will close out the 2022 Tony Stephens Memorial Club Classic)

Tamiya GT and Formula 1 are capped at 12 entries per class. Final race may be shortend if the day runs too long. but we will endvour to pack in as much racing as possible based on numbers.

All races will be single file grid position standing starts.

Event points are based off Round 4 finishing results for all classes

This is open to any current NZRCA licenses holder! go here to register.

We are hoping that we can live stream this event , with help from our friends at Bad Time Racing, Check out their YouTube Channel here .


Prior to this event , the Club is holding a Torque and Tune day at the track, open to all current club memebers to cut laps, and also get some set up tips from our local club gurus.

You can register here.

For spectators, these events are free to come and watch, and chat to our club memebers also, if you are intrested in knowing more.