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Hey Racers,

We are back, and we are excited!

Round 1 of the NHRCCC Champinship kicks of this weekend,

Points classes for 2022

Touring FWD

Touring 21.5

Touring 13.5

Touring Mod

Tamiya GT

Formula 1


We are also offer,

Stars of Tomorrow

and Allcomers (as long as its onroadish 1/10th scaleish then cut some laps!)


For Tamya GT and Touring FWD please check HERE for club rules.


For the 2022 Race season, we have tipped our racing on its head, no longer will you have 2 qualifyers to aim for a A main final, and miss out by a 10th of second, then go fast enough in the B main to win the A.


This year, each round is seeded, so which means you are racing everyone, even if there are three heats.  Race one round 1 will be based off your final result for 2022, and each race after that, you will be seeded on your overall race laps and times.

The race order will be the same all day long, but your heat number and grid position could change.

Here is an over view to the season below.


Race 1 Seeded from you current points score.
Race 2 & 3 Overall finishing position from the previous race.
Points awareded to the overall finishing position of that class.

Race Duration,

All Touring Car Classes and Formula1 will have 3 x 5minute + final Lap race duration

Tamiya GT will have 3 x 12 Lap Races (This could be lengthened if a track design has a short lap time)

SOT will have 3 x 5 Lap Races (Same applies if a track design has a short lap time)

AllComers 3 x 10 Lap Races

All races will be single file grid position standing starts, and the first lap across the loop will count.


Get your entries in, and remeber, no entries on the day, and payments must be in by friday night,


Also as we are under Red Light Covid level, please bring a mask and your Vax pass.


See you track side.