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NHRCCC Club Championship Round 4

Round 4 of Club Chamopionship is coming up this coming Sunday 10/04/22


Get your entries in!!!


With the recent changes made to the Covid 19 Traffic Light Sytem, whilst still at Red setting.


No Vaccine Pasports are required.

No QR scanning is required.

You will still have to

Maintain Social Distancing.

Wear a Mask

Register online

Pay Online - There an no registrations or payments on the day sorry.


After Three Rounds , top three racers for each class are as follows.


Stephen Roys

Si Jorgensen

Neville Bishop


FWD Touring

Craig Puller

Murry Watson

Neville Bishop


21.5 Touring

Gael Bueno Ware

Neville Bishop

Stephen Li


13.5 Touring

Gael Bueno Ware

Craig Pullar

Stephen Li


Mod Touring

Murray Watson

Neville Bishop

Kelvin Yong


Tamiya GT

Shane Millar

Kristian Deianov

Patrick Vaughan


A quick freindly reminder, our track is not permanant and it takes time to set up and put away after every meeting, so its the case of many hands make light work. The faster we set up, the faster we can open the track for practice.


See You Race Day !!!