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Hi Racers!


Racing next weekend!!!

Round 6 of our 2022 Club Championship season is up next.


Annnnnnnnnnnnd we have a new track layout for everyone to learn, A sneak peek is attached !!


As per normal. Gates open 8am, with track build,  Please remeber pits are not to be set up until after the track is built. - many hands make light work, and those who help build the track get to practice first.  And the NHRCCC is always very helpfull of those who do lend a hand to build the track, and pack down each race meeting.


The championship is realy starting to heat up, check this link for our points score



Fun Facts


Si Jorgenson, Leads the way through being consistant!

Tamiya GT

Shane Millar dominates with 4 round wins from 5


Murray Watson the only driver to score more than a single round win. its tight at the top.

13.5 Touring

Gael Beuno Ware, owning this class!

21.5 Touring

Simon Noton, hasnt raced this class all year, Last Round, dominates, to take the round win!


Our championship is 11 rounds long of standard points, with 2 worst rounds being dropped, to give the standard points score for the year,

Then we have the Tony Stephens Memorial Club Classic, slated for Fathers day 2022 with tripple points on offer and is not elligble for a dropped round!!! so no pressure!! 


We have a torque and tune day coming soon, more details to come.


See you trackside!!