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2023 Tony Stephans Memorial Club Classic & Interclub Teams Challenge

The Tony Stephens Memorial Club Classic is back for 2023, better and bigger than ever before, Last year we turned it up to 10, but for 2023 we are going all the way to 11!

The 2023 edition is two events in one!

The first event, the Tony Stephens Memorial Club Classic

Classes Offered

Mini Challenge (capped to 12 cars)

TCR FWD Touring

21.5 Touring

13.5 Touring

Mod Touring (capped to 10 cars)

Formula 1 (capped to 12 cars)

Super GT (capped to 12 cars)

Tamiya Trucks (capped to 12 trucks)

 All Classes must have a minimum of  6 entries to run.


This is an open tyre event, wheels must be as per NZRCA class rules.

Tyre Recommendations for Touring Car are:

21.5 & TCR Touring, 24 shore tyre.

13.5 Touring, 28 shore tyre.

Mod Touring, 32 shore tyre.

Rush Tyres have found to work well in all Touring Classes.

F1 Tyres are open.

Super GT / Tamiya Truck / Mini Challenge as per published rules.



There will be 2 rounds of practice of 10-minute heats per class, this may vary depending on entries.


2 Rounds of progressive grid qualifying.

Round 1 is a random draw.

Round 2  is overall the fastest times per group. this may mean you will move groups depending on how well the driver has done.

1 x fastest times will count.

Mod Touring - Super Pole to set A Main Final starting order.


21.5/13.5/TCR have double A finals, the fastest 8 will direct qualify. Lower finals will be a single final with the winner bumping up. A repechage will be held for the 10 best of the rest, winner of that race will take the final spot in the A-main. - Single best to count.

Mini Challenge 3x 5-Minute final. Best 2 to count.

Mod Touring  3 x 5-Minute final. Best 2 to count.

Formula 1 -  3 x 20-Minute Finals. Best 2 to count.

Super GT - 3 x 5-Minute finals. Best 2 to count

Tamiya Truck 3 x 5-Minute finals. Best 2 to count


Interclub Teams Challenge

Then we have woven into this event is the 2023 Interclub Teams Challenge

Using the true Ready racing style, its team versus team for all out bragging rights for the respective clubs, A perpetual trophy will be put on offer, as the RC version of the Ranfurly Shield

This is 5 rounds of 2 class heats of teams racing heads-up style for the bragging rights of who the best club is.

Each Team must have 1 senior driver (18 +) and 1 junior driver (-18) racing in two classes to accumulate points.

Classes offered are 13.5 and Super GT/ Mini Challenge or Tamiya Trucks each club is free to nominate which driver is in each class. All 13.5 cars will race together in Group1, and the other cars/trucks will race in Group 2

The format is 5 rounds of 4 minutes heats, with each group marshalling the other. The winner is the team with the least number of points. In each round, the starting position is random.

Teams can either enter for the Teams event only for $40.00 per team, or If each driver enters a minimum of 1 of the Tony Stephens Memorial Club Classic classes, the the Team gets free entry.

A Maximum of 10 Teams entries will be accepted, Clubs may wish to enter an "A" team and a "B" team. A teams will get preferance, and B Teams will be on a first come basis.


Links are below

Tony Stephens Memorial Club Classic

Interclub Teams Challenge


Entries are open.

Event Dates 02/03 September 2023.

* event format and classes may change depending on entries

**Unless specified all classes are run to current NZRCA rules**