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AGM Time

Hi all


The NHRCCC Committee is happy to announce the upcoming AGM for our club's committee for 2023/2024.


This is an opportunity for you to have your say or get involved with the club at a committee level.


The date is set at 730pm Wednesday the 22nd of November 2023 on Zoom, please see the link below for you to save and join in on the evening,

If you want to be in on the meeting please email me back with your email address so I can add you.


The purpose of the AGM is to,

Elect the Committee for the next 12 months.

share the club's financial reports for the year.

set new club fees and race day fees.

Set class (that are not a NZRCA class) rules.

Set how the following race season will work, in terms of racing and points.


To become a committee member you need to be nominated and voted into the committee. How our club is set up with its Club Constitution (Rules for how we run) to become a committee member you must be a fincial member for 12 months.  - that gets you into the committee,  then if you are looking at the bigger picture and want to help out in a more executive role, we have the following executive roles.

First three the club must have these positions filled.




We have other executive roles that, if we can fill them, make the workload lighter for everyone.

Vice President

Club Captain


At our most recent committee meeting, we voted in a new executive position of Publicity Officer, this role is about making sure our social media etc. is taken care of by someone, this role, can be held by a person who has had a minimum of 12 months in the club as a member.


Then we have our standard committee members who are there to assist the club in various roles throughout the year,  we would like to see 8 current club members put their hands up.


If you wish to come on board please see the attached form, which needs to be completed by yourself, seconded by another current member, and sent back to me by 5pm 15/11/2023



If you would like to submit class rule changes or how the racing for 2024 should look, please have this back to me by Sunday 5/11/2023 (that's a club race day also) If you submit anything you must be available on the night of the AGM to discuss what your proposal is so then all those attending can vote on it, to pass it must receive 66% (three-quarters of the vote) by a show of hands.


There will be a couple of reminders over the coming weeks.


In the mean time, we hope to see you all on the 15th of October!