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Hello RC fans,

We are over the half way stage for the 2023 NHRCCC onroad championship, and the title chase is getting hot at the top end in most classes, despite having a couple of cold race days!

Lets recap where we are are so far for the season.

Formula One

With seven of the twelve rounds run leading the way is Colin Storey in is Xray, and only 5 points back is Neville Bishop  with a Exotex chassis, and Jamie Holmes holding out third in an Xray, Neville and Jamie have tasted round victories in the recent rounds, and Colin has had two round wins for the season. Down in 9th is Simon Noton with two round wins also, but because he has missed three rounds has dented his points score.  

The 8 minute final race of the day for Formula One has really shown us how fast and consistant the top three are.



Its great to see this class regulalrly having 8-10 cars per race weekend, these bad boys never fail to showcase the speed of this class even on our tight short tempurary tracks.

Murray Watson leads the class, with Gael Buno Ware in second and Jamie Holmes third.  Jamie holds down thrid due to consitancy, with Murray and Gael sharing the spoils of two rounds apeice.  100 points off the leaders is Simon Noton, who with three round wins, if he was available for the last meeting would lead the way , due to our two worst round points drop. This leaves him in a handy position if he is able to get time to come back to the track next race meeting. 



13.5 Touring.

Gael Buno Ware, is dominating this class, having won 5 round outright, this youngster is getting faster and faster, His laptimes are just shy of Mod times.

Anthony Mara, the blinky king is in hot pursuit though, but with only one round win to his name so far this season, he has his work cut out for him. and Mr consitency Jamie Holmes holds on to the over all third spot.  

This class is super fast and exciting to watch, and a good step up for those who are looking to improve their reaction time.



21.5 Touring

The biggest class our club runs, and the tightest racing we can expect, where its all to play for. Anthony Mara is current points leader by verture of winning every round bar one that he has atteneded, second is held by Neville Bishop showing the way that consitancey is the key for a top place position at the end of the season, Stu Macpherson is currently in third place overall, with all three drivers taking home a overall round victory so far this season.




This class is super competitve, and our second biggest class each race weekend,  and each meeting everyone steps up another notch in terms of speed and performance.

Murray Watson is currently leading from Colin Story and Anthony Mara, with both Murray and Anthony scoring a single round win apiece. Colin is pushing hard but has yet to break trhough for a round win. The one to watch is Simon Noton, if he can get back to the track for the balance of the season he has a real shot of winning this, as he has won every round he has attended.




This class is getting popular, the tweak to the rules has obvioulsy worked, encouraging newcomers to the club and some fast racing, and its great to see the realistic body shells in play. Leading the way is Stephen Roys, with four round wins to his name, second we have Rebecca Marris, showing again being a consitant front runner helps and gets you in the right spot for a overall title should the leader faulter. In third is James Anderson, he has been racing with us for a couple of seasons and its good to see some new names at the top of the timing sheets.



With two rounds until our Tony Stephens Memorial Club Classic, our winter is heating up, at our little track in the valley!

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