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Round 5 Race day

WOOOOOOOOOOW ! what a epic day,

This is our biggest club day since we lost our perminante track back in 2014, Here are some useless facts.


Entires per class


Super GT - 23 record,, who says we have the rule set wrong!!

TCR - 26 not a record but a solid result! and this racing is so freakin fast and tight!!! 

Touring Stock 21.5 - 22 a solid group again and lost of great racing!!

Touring Stock 13.5 - 14 bet yest for this class and there a few more newbies to come if we have heard right!!!

Formula 1 - 14 cars,, thats a record for quiet some time!!

Mod - Nearly a even 10 and some great racing to boot.

Clubmand - 14 great to see more new faces trying us out, and some epic battles, and some awesome looking kits showing up!


Fantastic to see 122 intial entries for the days racing, it made for a long day, but it was a good day, and thank you to all who assisted in setting up and or pack down, the committee thanks you for your assistance.


Dont forget we have the Tony Stephens Memorial Club Classic and Inter Club Challenge coming up in September, But before then, we have a bucket load of racing to be complete and lots of laughs along the way,, and maybe even a slice or two pizza throwin as well!


Until next meeting, stay safe!!


Round 5 Results