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The Final Countdown

Hey Racers,

We are excited to announce the penultimate race meeting of the season, which will be taking place at  Westlakes Girls High School on Sunday the 5th of November.

What to Expect

This race meeting promises to be an action-packed event for both the participants and spectators. Some of the highlights of the race day include:

· Multiple thrilling races featuring some of our best club racers

· 3 Rounds of intense racing in all classes.

· Opportunity to enjoy delicious food and drinks from our Hot-dog Man!!

· Rumour has it there maybe Coffee also.

· Robyn not crashing at all !!

Get Registered.

Attending the penultimate race meeting is a simple process:

· Enter online at the link below.

· Spectators are free!

Enter Here

Start Time

Gates Open 7:30AM

· Track Build

· Pit Set Up

· Practice time

· Drivers Breifing

· Race Time!

We appreciate your help in track build and break down, NHRCCC Thanks you in advance.


With the points table tight at the top in all classes this penultimate race meeting of the year is shaping up to be a goodie.

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Happy Racing!