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2024 NZRCA EP Onroad nationals Powered by DM Media

2024 NZRCA EP Onroad Nationals Powered by DM MEDIA


The 2024 edition of the NZRCA Electric 1/10th scale national championships has been run and won.

 Hosted by the North Harbour Radio Control Car Club at their semi permanent facility at West lake Girls High School on the north shore of Auckland over Easter weekend.

113 cars were entered across 6 NZRCA classes and  1 demonstration class.

Schumacher NZ 21.5 Touring.

One 7 RC Formula 1.

ORCA RC 13.5 Touring.

Lightyear RC Mod Touring

H.O.T TCR Touring.




Day 1 - Track Build & Practice

Friday was a cold overcast day for the crew to build the track, but was done in the efficient manner that the NHRCCC crew always run too, with additional help for those competitors arriving early to help out. Once the track was laid out, competitors we invited to check in and for the classes using Control tyres collect their tyres for the day, or have their own supplied tyres marked ( Formula 1 and M Chassis) once completed  2 hours of open practiced commenced, with those who traveled allowed the first 20 minutes of the session to dial their cars in. Of the 53indivudual drivers entered 46 took part, covering 2,917 laps with Schumacher RC 21.5 Touring commanding 27% of the track time during this session.


In the afternoon,  competitors had 2 rounds of controlled practice in “Heats” for 6 minutes each.


Day 2 - We are racing.

The 2024 Event was a departure away from the traditional 2 x seeding rounds, followed by 3-5 rounds of qualifying to then round out the weekend with triple finals to  “Heads Up” racing, or a another close version is its called the “Reedy Race format”  where drivers are randomly placed into heats and starting orders by the Live time system over the 8 rounds giving a fair spread to all drivers of a front middle and back start (1:1 speedway does something similar) and you should, depending on the size of the total racers in a given class race your competitors at least once. This means the competition is on from Race number one, the saving grace is you have 2 worst rounds dropped from your score. Each heat has a point score, 1 point for first, 2 points for second and son on down to 10th place, to split the tiebreaks it then goes to Counted Rounds Combined Laps/Time, so drivers want to race hard and fast, but also be consistent over the day.


On to the racing,

For Day 1 the scheduled was to be 5 rounds, but was reduced due to a timing error that crept into the day causing a small delay while it was fixed.


One 7 RC Formula 1 - Ten cars entered, which was good to see,

First blood in round 1 went to  Mathew Van Der Haas in his 14 year old 3 racing chassis, with a cool Racing point BWT livery his only blot on the first four round was race 4 where he finished second, so the challenged had been thrown down to the other F1 stalwarts for NHRCCC to do better.

Willy Sloane from Christchurch, had set his expectations high to redeem his results of 2023, but his day 2 did not go well with a run of bad luck and breakages.

Another where the expectation to do well was Martin Irawan, a F1 racer through and through, debuting a new Infinity F1 Chassis, failed to feature on Day Two.


Schumacher RC 21.5 Touring

The biggest class by 1 entrant at 27 cars, with multiple and returning champion to defending their title, the stage was set for a great weekend of racing. Many competitors choosing to use the out going  spec motor over the new motor.

These boys were playing for keeps, with round 1 wins to Scott Kendall, Willy Sloane and Anthony Mara, Willy would take the round out with his race time of 28/5:05.612 so first blood to him. Round two would see the laps increase and defending national Champion Regan Carter popped to top pipping Scott Kendall. Round three it was reversed with Scott taking the top spot, for the final round Willy Sloane would bounce back and take the top spot. In this group of the top 5 Mark Harling was not far way from these three across his four runs.



Speedi Models M Chassis

With 6 cars turning up to represent this class since CMR last hosted the nationals, the battle for day one would be between Oliver Roberts and Stephen Li taking 2 wins apiece throughout the day.


ORCA RC 13.5 Touring,

With 17 cars entered and a fast top 10, it could be anyone, the money was on Daniel Burrows with his supper consistent fast smooth driving style, But local youngster Gael Bueno Ware threw down the gauntlet and challenged Daniels dominance every step of the way across the first four rounds.


H.O.T TCR Touring,

The second biggest class, with a stacked field, Returning Champion Luke Duthie would make wrestling the number 1 trophy from him incredibly difficult, the only one to really show the same sort of raw speed as Luke was Gael, but with ultra competitive class, his work was cut out for him.


Lightyear RC Mod Touring,

Multiple national Winner Luke Duthie was untouchable on day 2 , firmly grasping the Trophy for national championship. The real battle was further back between Logan Toia, Gael and Daniel Burrows,


Day two was rounded out with a social gathering at the Backyard Bar , which was conveniently located next to the Poenamo Hotel, where most travelers stayed for the event. A few prizes were drawn out, and some pool was played where we found we had some pool sharks amongst our competitors. We also announced our Concourse winner, which was Scott Kendalls Entry in 21.5


Day 3

Opened with our National Anthem before we commenced rounds 5 to 8


One 7 RC Formula 1

Matt Picked up from where he left off on Day two, Only chink in his armour was round 6.

Jamie Holmes showed that constancy would net some decent rewards. Another sleeper in field was Gavin Dawson, Like Jamie, with a cheeking win in a round, helped their over all results.


1st - Matthew Van Deer Haas

2nd - Jamie Holmes

3rd Gavin Dawson


 Schumacher RC 21.5 Touring,

Scott Kendall went away as the overnight leader, and had one hand firmly on the trophy,  the Battle between Regan and  Scott went on all day , with Scott showing the upper hand until the very last race where Regan and Scott would race head to head, a couple of small mistakes from Scott would hand the Title to Regan,


1st - Regan Carter

2nd Scott Kendall

3rd- Willie Sloane



Speedi Models M Chassis

Stephen Li came put guns blazing for round 5 taking a comfortable win, bit Oliver came back at him to dominate the final three rounds and seal the crown, James Beck kept his constancy up over all 8 rounds and was rewarded third over all.


1st Oliver Roberts

2nd Stephen Li

3rd  James Beck


M Chassis


  ORCA RC 13.5 Touring


Oliver Roberts, showed plenty of speed over all 8 rounds, holding out some season veterans like Mark Harling  Craig Pullar and Ricky Field, this netted him 3rd over all,

The 1 spot was a battle between Gael and Daniel, with both throwing down similar times across all 8 runs, in the end it was count back on first places that sealed the deal and handed the win to Gael.


1st Gael Bueno Ware

2nd Daniel Burrows

3rd Oliver Roberts



Lightyear RC Mod Touring


Luke was the only driver the crack 33 Laps during his round 6 run, keeping his nose out of trouble played into his hands,

Logan Toia, first national event for this Off Road racer, only after three race meetings bringing home a trophy, and Gael keeping Logan honest over the 8 rounds, these two are the future and expect to see their names more and more on the top of the time sheets


1st Luke Duthie

2nd Logan Toia

3rd Gael Bueno Ware



H.O.T TCR Touring


This class is probably as close to the real cars that race, with lots of dive bombs, 2 wheels action and rubbing while racing, Luke Duthie dominated this class again, he was the only driver to crak 30 laps, Jamie Holmes being consistent again netted him 2nd over al, and Gael rounded out the three with come back drive over the final three rounds.


1st Luke Duthie

2nd Jamie Holmes

3rd Gael Bueno Ware





Mainland RC Super GT

A “ Demo / Trophy “ Class of Super GT was run to encourage some of our newer members and youngsters who haven't been at a national event  before to come and race and learn, attracting 14 drivers from all levels who got to run in this class. This is a NHRCCC specific class, lossly based on the original Tamiya GT concept run at other clubs


1st Gavin Dawson

2nd Richard Price

3rd Joseph Beck

Super GT



Full results can be found on this link below ( open in the browser for best viewing)




Thank you!


NHRCCC would like to thank the following,


Lightyear RC

Mainland RC

Hobby Station

One 7 RC


Speedi Models

Schumacher RC



Bad Time Racing

Rusty Mac Designs


DM Media


Without your support this event could not have happened, now to call out individuals for their help!


Richard Price

Darryn Nagle

Michael Van Der Haas

Robin Upton



The NHRCCC Committee for the time and effort that went into this, without each of your individual input this would not have happened.


Finally our competitors, with out you we don’t have event, those that traveled from near and far, made the meeting, it was great to see many coming from the South Island, we hope as a club we have shown enough hospitality to have you come back again in the future.


See you at the next one!


Tony Stephens Memorial Club Classic 21-22 September 2024