More features coming to the website

This is just the beginning

Our aim is make the NHRCCC one of the best in the world for motorsport clubs. It needs to have a clear calendar, provide all the information required for new people joining the club - as well as all the stats, graphs and information surround race results & championship standings.

We have pushed this website live without some of the features we wanted, simply because this is a very exciting time for NHRCCC, with our pending outdoor circuit racing - we want you able to find the correct information here first.



More to come

Here are some of the things we think would be great for the website. We are racers too, and getting all the stats is fun:

  • Championship points
    • how it works
    • current standings (graphs & tables)
  • Drivers stats
    • more data to come
    • compare against your mate (eg, Michael vs Matthew vdH - always a competition!)
  • About us pages
    • Committee members
  • Rules
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Race reports - write your own blog, tell us about your racing experiences
  • Hall of Fame