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20. My car doesn't fit the rules

All Comers

Please make sure your car fits the class rules that you intend to race. If you don't quite meet the rules, there is a class called 'All Comers'. It is a class where you can run what you brung. Although there are a few rules, it is an opportunity for people to race anything (within reason). There are various ways your car might not meet the class specifications, illegal modification, under weight, incorrect battery/motor, incorrect tyres. When races are measured bu thousandths of a second, there can be a huge advantage to having better tyres, or being lighter than the rest.  

Please remember to make your car safe for marshalls, and respect the surface. 

No dirty cars on the carpet, no tyre additives, no excessivly heavy cars, nothing sharp. 

All Comers is still a recorded race, so if you have a transponder - you'll be able to see your lap times and guage your performance against yourself or others in All Comers. 

But I'm not serious, does it matter if I just race in this class?

Even though you may not take racing or the championship seriously, doesn't mean that others have the same attitude. Just put yourself in the shoes of others, if you were winning the championship, and your race was interferred with by an illegal car. It's very difficult to imagine being on the track for 5 mins and not interring with someones race, so please double check the rules and make sure you adhere to them. If you are unsure, just talk to the orgainisers.