17. What to do as a marshall

Safety first

First thing is to keep safe. Don't run out into on-coming traffic to save one car. Just wait until it is safe for you to cross the track.

So your primary role is to flip cars that are on their roof, or right cars that are stuck. You're not obliged to repair cars that are broken, as soon as a marshall starts repairing a damaged car, the currently racing cars are not being cared for. 

  • Stand in a safe place
  • Stand in an area that does not block a drivers view (the arena corners are great spots)

Look out for kids and other people that might wander too close to the track. They need to be kept safe also, and tell them where to watch safely.



A car is broken

It cannot continue, signal the driver it's game over and put the car aside in a safe place. Then continue to marhsall the rest of the race.

Do not return the car to the driver

  • Stay at your post
  • Return the car means the driver often blocks the view for other drivers that are still racing.

Be aware

Try to marshall as you'd like to marshall. It's a dangerous place to be - so always pay attention.

  • No cell phones in the arena
  • No repairing cars
  • Do not return a broken car
  • Be fast and agile
  • Straighten tracks that get moved (safely)

When the race is finished

Collect your car from the scrutineering table, and you have completed your round. You can now check results, and charge batteries for the next round.